Create a Bucket List

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As a single person without children, I used to ensure my years were packed with fun and exciting activities, scuba diving in the most incredible places, sky-diving, traveling to most unusual places too. Some of these photos you’ll find on my bucket list page. Having married and had kids, life changed so radically that this home business has helped me to connect again with that adventurer, the person with big goals and ambition and thus I created my bucket list. I also joined a home business company whose values align with mine and the product is perfectly matched to me. I am sure you have heard about goal setting and focusing on your goals so that you work towards them daily. A bucket list, on the other hand, is a more fun and inspiring way to goal set and for me – that’s what life is about. Having fun, inspiring others to do the same and to make a difference to the world.

Fun and adventure go hand in hand as does life fulfillment and the freedom to do it. Giving others that same opportunity and growing lasting friendships as part of the journey – well that’s awesome and that’s what drives me. So create a bucket list. Make it fun, make it a mind map – even better and let’s go make a difference out there for ourselves and for others.

Here’s some of my bucket list already ticked and some more ideas of what else I’d like to do. The Blue text indicates I have done this already.

Walk the Great wall of China

New Orleans during Mardi Gras

Visit Chile – all of it

Mexico – dive the caves

Scuba dive Truck Lagoon – see every wreck.

Holiday  in Bora Bora

Visit the South Pole

and the North Pole

Drink Vodka in Russia

See a polar bear in the wild

Read the Book Before the Movie

Write a book

See the center of Africa

Runa marathon- New York & London

 See a 9-D movie

Build a well in Africa

Watch the Space Shuttle Launch

Go to a Super bowl during finals

See a Broadway Play in New York

 A Cirque du Soleil Show

Go to Disney World

 Ride a Mechanical Bull

See a Las Vegas Show

See a TED Talk Live

Speak at a TED talk

See the Tour de France

Watch an Opera

See the Pyramids in Egypt and Luxor and all the temples

See My Favorite Band Play Live 

Set a Guinness Book of World Record

Sing Karaoke in Public

Sit Front Row at a Basketball Game

See a Wimbledon Match Live

Visit the Guggenheim Museum

See the Mona Lisa

Do Pole Dancing

Walk the Red Carpet

Receive a Fan Letter

Dive with Whales

Dive with manta rays

Swim with dolphins

Bunji Jump off Victoria Falls bridge

White water raft down the Zambezi

Sky dive

Race a motorbike around a race track


Find a box of treasure

Climb the Sydney Harbor bridge

Climb to base camp of Everest

Climb Mt Rainer

Climb Mt Cameroun

Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

See the silver back gorillas in their own environment (Uganda)

Have a mojito with Ellen DeGeneres

Sing with Barbara Streisand

Hang out with Tony Robbins

Feed the homeless – did this twice in London

Build a labyrinth out of stones in local park

Convert a warehouse into my home

sail around Australia

And so many more…

Watch this for inspiration when writing out your bucket list