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Starting your own home business can be daunting especially if you have always been employed. Working for yourself is the ultimate gift to give yourself. It requires you to grow regardless of where you are currently in your own personal development. It requires lots of learning lots of reading and mistakes too. Ultimately though you are making a stand for yourself and perhaps your family, if you are motivated by circumstance and feel now is the time. Life cannot and will not get worse than it is.

Like JK Rowling said in a speech recently, adversity strips you of the stuff that you don’t need and you rely on yourself and your gift and you do it. Many times I have discussed an idea or a direct selling concept with friends or family , and whilst their intentions are good, they have booed the idea, the business model and shunned “network marketing”. So choose your mentors well and stand up for yourself.

Leadership is lonely and perhaps scary sometimes however, it’s also inspiring and rewarding. It sets you free from the herd and allows you to be extraordinary. Step into the unknown and trust yourself and the process too.

Leadership has been spoken about for years and we have so many wonderful role models out there to learn from and emulate. Success leaves clues so use them and be the magnificent leader you are born to be. Have the courage to listen to mentors who are successful not the neighbor who lifestyle is far from desirable. Create – it’s your gift, it’s part of being a leader. Giving back is as important to me and there are so many volunteer organizations out there, so many schools who’d love a helper once a week. So find your passion, create an inspiring bucket list, create a plan of how you are going to achieve this and step up to the challenge. You will have no regrets at the end of the day if you have lived your life out on the skinny branches. So let go of the trunk of the tree and do it. We are here to help and mentor you if you choose to join us. Link arms with us and join the team. Together we will achieve all we set out to do.

Here’s an inspirational video describing leadership and the importance of following a leader…